Kim Kardashian Boasts About Her Lower Body Fat Percentage After Revealing New Stomach Tightening Procedure!

Kim Kardashian is divulging some of her health details — and taking time to brag about it, too!

The 41-year-old reality TV star took to her Instagram account on Wednesday afternoon to reveal some info to the world about her body fat percentage and bone health. Yes, really! Nobody ever accused her of under-sharing on social media… LOLz!

In a series of videos posted to her IG Stories, the Kardashians star showed her 327 million followers a busy afternoon of procedures and testing. It all started with a “game changer.” In the first post, Kim revealed she had been tightening her teeny stomach with a Morpheus8 laser treatment. She called it her “fave laser,” and is evidently happy with the results she sees. But it’s not without its issues! As Kim noted at the end of her caption:

“It’s painful LOL but worth it!”

But she wasn’t done there! When the SKIMS founder works on her wellness, she WORKS ON HER WELLNESS!

Later on Wednesday, the mom of four popped back up on IG and showed the world a second series of health happenings. “Look who pulled up,” she wrote alongside one video of a body fat composition scan van that swung by her place. She explained some about the body fat testing procedure she was set to undergo:

“They measure your bone density and body fat percentage & all the good stuff to make sure you are fit and healthy … Takes about 7 minutes to get all the results and do the body scan”

Indeed, just a few minutes later, the tests came back. And Kim wasn’t afraid to boast a bit about where her numbers fell!

The KUWTK alum broadcast her results by filming the computer read-out screen of what came through. She gleefully revealed that her bones “are stronger than 93-97% of people!” Damnnnn!! Then, while showing the body fat numbers, Kim exclaimed on the video:

“A year ago my body fat percentage was 25 percent, and now it is 18.8 percent.”

The technician piped in with a comment in response:

“So that would be considered athlete category.”


What could have helped cause such a significant drop?! Hmmm…? As you can see in the screenshots (below), the lower fat marker made the SKKN By Kim mogul a very happy woman:

Well, good for her! It’s never a bad thing to watch someone get healthy and fit. It’s super empowering to do it and enjoy the well-earned fruits of your labor!!

Of course, we should also mention this: the way Kim looks is not exactly attainable for the average person. Yes, discipline and hard work matter for all of us. And she has those in spades! But the star also has private chefs, personal trainers, incredible doctors, and access to the latest and greatest cosmetic, medical, and wellness-related procedures. And she’s got nearly unlimited money to do literally whatever she wants. Sooooooo we feel like that should be put into its proper perspective!

Just saying!

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers??

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