Kim Jong-Un Takes Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine from China

Kim Jong-Un is more like Donald Trump than we think, in that he’s reportedly willing to take experimental coronavirus treatments … including an unproven vaccine.

A new report citing Japanese intelligence officials claims the North Korean dictator and his inner circle within the government have all gotten a ‘rona vaccine from China within the last 2 to 3 weeks.

Unclear which pharmaceutical company developed the vaccine for Kim and co., but there are apparently 3 main players out there that have been working on some … none of which have launched final-stage clinical trials.

So, in other words … right up DT’s alley. You’ll recall — POTUS received a few drugs during his bout with ‘rona (some of which were experimental) … such as dexamethasone, remdesivir and Regeneron’s antibody therapy.

Kim getting vaccinated is interesting because N. Korea as a whole’s been in denial about the pandemic — the country’s officially denied tracing even one confirmed case of COVID-19 … which no one believes, of course.

They’ve also reportedly closed off the border with China … beefing up security to keep people from crossing in either direction.

Ya gotta wonder if Kim’s ‘rona shot worked, would he give it to his people? Something tells us that’s a long shot.

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