Kevin & Franklin Jonas Explain Red Carpet Challenge In Claim to Fame Ep 2 Sneak Peek Watch Now! (Exclusive)

We have an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming second episode of Claim to Fame season two!

The challenges continue with a brand new competition where contestants have to get “red carpet ready” while facing some obstacles.

In our exclusive clip, hosts Kevin and Franklin Jonas explain the new challenge to the remaining celebrity relatives and you have to see their reactions.

Check out the clip inside…

This next week’s episode, “Don’t Get Chummy, You Dummy!”, the remaining 11 contestants step into the limelight in a Hollywood challenge to prove they have what it takes to make it in Tinseltown. After a series of races, only one lands atop the leaderboard, receiving immunity and a housemate’s coveted clue.

Check out our exclusive clip right here and be sure to tune to Claim to Fame on Monday (July 3) at 8pm ET/PT on ABC and next day on Hulu!

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