Katie Price hopes to copy Kerry Katonas post-bankruptcy success – but rules out OnlyFans

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Katie Price is hoping to emulate pal Kerry Katona’s success in building herself back from bankruptcy, however a spokesperson for the star has told OK! that Katie has ruled out starting an OnlyFans account.

Katie, 44, congratulated singer Kerry for moving into a £2 million home this week.

Reposting an Instagram Story about Kerry’s move, the former glamour model wrote: “Yeeessss @kerrykatona7 you smashed it and everyone who doubted you and stayed away from you (sticking up finger emoji) is what I say to them love you always."

It has since been revealed that Kerry is actually renting the property after the house she was buying fell through, but a source tells OK! that Katie is hoping to copy the ex-Atomic Kitten star's success in battling back from bankruptcy in recent years.

A source told OK!: “Katie wants to emulate Kerry’s success after going through bankruptcy.

"Like Kerry, she wants to come back and buy this big house and prove everyone wrong. That’s what Carl [Woods, her fiance] wants as well. She wants to show herself as battling back and buying a big house against all odds.”

Katie and Kerry have been close friends since appearing on I’m A Celebrity together back in 2004.

Kerry has been declared bankrupt twice but after working hard in recent years, she's shared her joy at getting on top of her finances.

Kerry recently wiped away tears as she picked up the keys to her new home in Cheshire, telling fans: "The last time I lived here [in Cheshire] I was doing loads of coke, losing all my money, hanging around d***heads who used and abused me.

"Not only have I climbed halfway back up I’ve climbed all the way up to the top."

"Who’d have thought I’d have made it through?" she added. "If you were to put a bet at the bookies if I was going to end up dead, I would have taken that bet.

“Me and Ryan [Mahoney, her fiance] are entrepreneurs and we’ve been creating this little empire of ours and I’m so super proud.

"I’ve worked really hard to turn this all around. And I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my Ryan."

One of Kerry's most lucrative moves has been setting up an OnlyFans account, which allows fans to subscribe to see racy pictures.

However, a spokesperson for Katie has told OK! that she has no plans to follow Kerry's lead by doing the same.

“Katie wholly supports woman in the empowerment of their bodies and to all those in the glamour, showbiz- performing arts industry – Katie is after all the original Iconic pin up, glamour girl of our time," they added.

“Katie will no doubt make a debut return to modelling at some point but not presently. When Katie does it will be under Katie's own iconic branding and professional styling.”

Mum of five Kerry has been open about her work on OnlyFans over the last few years, even commenting recently that her subscriptions went “through the roof” after she appeared in a heated Good Morning Britain debate.

Katie was declared in 2019 and recently told OK! that it was the "best thing" to happen to her.

"I’ve been sucked dry in the past. I was mentally abused and broken by everyone," she said. "It’s not like I have skeletons in my closet but everyone tried to get everything they could out of me. But now, I can go to sleep at night and I just think, “F**k it”.

"My bankruptcy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me."

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