Kate Garraway updates fans on Dereks progress after she lost NTA

NTAs: Kate Garraway wins 'Authored Documentary' award

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Kate Garraway, 55, confessed that victory was “bittersweet” after yesterday’s NTAs win for Caring For Derek, which came top in the Best Authored Documentary category. As long Covid sufferer Derek continues to battle with yet another bout of life-threatening sepsis, the Good Morning Britain star shared the news that he was making “good progress” under very difficult circumstances. 

There were many nights when we feared Derek will be taken from us completely.

Kate Garraway

The extent of Kate’s troubled state of mind was exposed when it emerged that she’d initially misplaced the award she’d received last night.

Ben Shephard had revealed jubilantly of her win: “She only went and blooming did it again!!

“Thank you all so so much for supporting our @kategarraway now we’ve found the award (yes she lost it).”

He added reassuringly to his 802,100 followers: “I will ensure it stays firmly in her hand!!”

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Meanwhile, Kate has broken her silence on Derek’s current health status, clarifying that he is “making good progress after having a massive setback”.

Derek didn’t receive the news of the award as early as his wife did, as he is in hospital battling the second bout of sepsis he has been struck down with in a matter of months.

In early 2020, Derek was placed in a medically induced coma to save his life after his immune system had an extreme adverse reaction to contracting Covid.

He spent more than a year confined to hospital, before finally being allowed home to be with his family.

Formerly a sharp-witted political adviser, Derek is now a fraction of his former self, who struggles to leave his home at all most days.

Kate told of how the experience of being nominated for a NTA for telling Derek’s story was “bittersweet” for her, as she regretted that she’d had to create such a traumatising documentary in the first place.

On the red carpet at the event, she confided to the PA news agency: “It’s bittersweet, because you wouldn’t really want to be in a position to be making that documentary… it wouldn’t be a situation that you would choose.”

She added solemnly: “There were many nights when we feared Derek will be taken from us completely.

“The fact that he fights on so incredibly, and we have the chance to care for him, is a fantastic thing.”

Kate, who was supported at the event by her teenage daughter Darcey, continued by praising the bravery of others in the same situation.

“To have the opportunity to celebrate the amazing work carers do, the professional carers, the millions of unpaid carers all across the country that are looking after loved ones, I think it’s a fantastic thing,” she declared.

The struggles Kate has endured have made her all too aware of the problems that carers of severely ill people face, and she told her 1.1 million Instagram fans earlier this week that she’d been told the economic crisis was making many “suicidal”.

“We made the film to highlight the challenges and rewards of being a carer, but since then things haven’t got any easier either for Derek and I, nor for the millions of other carers right across the UK,” she explained.

Kate and Darcey looked visibly emotional on the red carpet, at times appearing slightly distressed as they lifted the award up for the cameras.

Despite the pair’s anguish, the duo bravely smiled for cameras and looked amazing in their show-stopping outfits, with Kate opting for a floor-length shimmery silver gown, and Darcey choosing a red dress with a dramatic slit up one side.

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