Kanye West & Drake Smiling Together, Embrace at Larry Hoover Concert

If Kanye West and Drake performing together wasn’t enough evidence that they’ve truly buried the hatchet — take a look at this … definitive proof they’re pals again.

Here’s Ye and Drizzy during Thursday night’s show — but in a way we hadn’t seen them before … namely, up close and personal. As you can see they couldn’t be happier in one another’s presence, grinning from ear to ear and leaving the Coliseum shoulder to shoulder.

Of course, we saw these two have a ball during the actual event — but frankly, the view (be it in person, or even on Amazon) wasn’t this good … and it’s clear from these photos that Drake and Kanye are genuinely past their beef.

As we reported … it was mostly Kanye’s show, as he carried a majority of the set with hits new and old. Drake came out and performed too … albeit for a much shorter time.

It was pretty neat — Drake performed some of Kanye’s songs, and vice-versa … making for the ultimate crossover experience for fans. Speaking of them, the place was absolutely packed to the gills … and word is, getting in and out of the area that night was nuts.

Anyway, good to see these fellas are cool once more. Here’s hoping their newfound friendship can lead to more collabs … which is what everyone wants, obvs.

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