Julia Bradbury divides fans as she advocates walking backwards

Julia Bradbury has confused fans by boasting about the benefits of walking backwards on her Twitter page today. The TV presenter shared the many health-boosting impacts of the unusual pastime, including how it improves knee osteoarthritis.

Speaking in a video as she ventured outdoors, Julia, who wore her hair up and went make-up free, said: “I thought I would do something a bit unusual, I haven’t done this with you before.

“Today, I’m walking backwards and I have now put this into my daily walking routine.

“So whenever I’m out on my walk I try to do a per cent of my walk backwards with a bit of a pace on it, kind of like this, and here’s why.”

She explained further: “it’s really good for your knees, it helps put blood flow around your knees without putting pressure on your knees.

“It develops your quads. I recommend flipping it around and starting to walk backwards.”

In the caption underneath the Best Walks With Julia Bradbury host further articulated her point.

She typed: “Walking backwards can improve your forward gait and improve balance; also helps knee osteoarthritis.

“We take shorter steps walking backwards and more frequent steps, leading to improved muscular endurance for the muscles of the lower legs and reducing the burden on our joints #walking.”

However, Julia’s latest health tip left some of her fans unconvinced, after the host bumped into a tree branch while doing the demonstration.

@TravelsOfTux shared: “I tried that once and fell over someone bent over tying their shoelaces. Nearly dropped my wine glass. “

@StokesRA observed: “Only trouble is, you bump into more things.”

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@Halloish added: “My partner was doing this and I just thought he was weird.”

@LynnTaylor62 shared: “While that sounds great and I will try it, I’m betting I will fall over. “

It comes after Julia said she rings her mother “every day” to tell her to go for a walk as she promotes the importance of being outdoors to the public.

The 52-year-old broadcaster has presented BBC programmes like Countryfile and Watchdog, and is also president of the Camping and Caravanning Club.

Speaking at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in Birmingham on Tuesday to PA news agency, Julia shared the incredible aspects of the outdoors.

She said that people who camp “are happier” and more “connected to nature”.

Julia added: “I was pleasantly surprised that this report has backed up what I have known for a long, long time.

“I’ve been making programmes in our beautiful landscapes for more than 25 years now, always talking about how important green spaces are to us all, access to green spaces.”

She also said that doctors are now prescribing walking outdoors for people living with mental health issues and depression.

She continued: “It is something that we can encourage everyone to do from children to older people.

“I phone my mum every day and go, ‘Have you been for a walk around the village today mum? No, why not get outside, (and) have a shuffle around?’

“Doesn’t matter how slowly you’re going, get out there, get daylight onto your face, into your eyes, into your body and get yourself moving.”

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