Jonnie Irwin says doctors didnt expect me to see 2023 in health update

A Place In The Sun pay tribute to Jonnie Irwin

Jonnie Irwin admitted he is taking “every day as a gift and as it comes” as the property expert revealed doctors had not expected him to make it to 2023.

The former A Place In The Sun presenter, 49, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2020, which has tragically spread to his brain.

Jonnie opened up about his health and why he chose to share his diagnosis with the public.

He told “As soon as I spoke out I feel I could breathe. I could talk to people about why I felt ill, and why I was losing weight.

“You can still work. Look at me now. I don’t think the doctors were expecting me to see 2023. Here I am, and I’m available for work and especially available for parties.”

Jonnie admitted he has remained upbeat but has had some daily struggles.

“Today is a good day. Yesterday, I peeled myself out of my bed after some painkillers. I take every day as a gift and as it comes,” he remarked.

Escape to the Country was nominated for the Daytime show and Jonnie admitted his co-stars including Jules Hudson and Nicki Chapman – were like a “family” to him and supported him throughout his journey.

He shared: “I’ve had the most fun and it’s [the show that is] most like a family than any other production that I’ve ever worked on. It’s exciting.”

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