Joan Collins, 87, Receives Covid-19 Vaccination, Calls It ‘the Easiest Thing’

The former ‘Dynasty’ actress urges her fans to get the new coronavirus vaccination as she assures that she suffered ‘no after effects’ after receiving the injection.

AceShowbizJoan Collins has reassured people that she suffered no “after effects” following the Covid-19 vaccination, and even “went home and had a drink.”

The former “Dynasty” star received the Oxford injection on Saturday (09Jan21), and phoned into U.K. TV show “Good Morning Britain” on Monday to reflect on the experience.

“I really wanted to get it. I just wanted to tell anybody who is worried about it there is nothing to worry about,” she smiled. “It was the easiest thing. It was just like a little scratch, there was no pain at all. I had no after effects. I went home and had a drink, even. If you are advised by your GP to go, please go.”

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Joan continued to stress the importance of having the vaccine as she doesn’t believe the national lockdowns put in place by the British government are doing what they need to do to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“The only way we are going to get over this pandemic is for everybody to vaccinate as soon as they possibly can,” she said. “Because honestly this lockdown thing, for me it’s a bit like a crash diet. You go on a crash diet, you lose all the weight, and then you go back to normal, you start eating and you put all the weight on again.”

“I have a feeling, I’m not an expert, but I just feel that these stringent lockdowns are not doing what they should do. So as far as I’m concerned everybody go and get the vaccines, a million and a half people had already had it before I did.”

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