Jim Davidson erupts at ‘idiot’ Piers Morgan over Boris attack ‘You don’t f***ing listen’

Jim Davidson criticises Diversity for Black Lives Matter routine

Jim Davidson, 67, posted a lengthy rant on his Twitter page where he told Piers Morgan to “wind his neck in” over his comments on Boris Johnson, before adding that he felt “ashamed” of opening up to him on Life Stories back in 2018. The controversial comedian swore excessively in a foul-mouthed rant in which he declared that Piers’ stance towards the Conservative leader had made him “so angry”,  and said that he is the reason why MPs do not want to appear on Good Morning Britain.

Jim said: “Good morning, I have had to come out of the front room after watching Good Morning Britain with Piers and Susanna [Reid], who has turned into Piers in a frock. 

“I can’t believe what I’m listening to, talk about an opportunist. Calling for the Prime Minister to resign, because we have reached 100,000 [COVID deaths]. 

“They didn’t call for him to resign when we reached 98,000… why are people so mad about figures? 

“We have had 100,000 people die, no one knew about this virus.”

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Piers Morgan hits back as Jim Davidson brands him a ‘pathetic idiot’

Jim believed that Piers was wrong to question Mr Johnson’s actions on television, as we have never dealt as a country with the coronavirus pandemic before.

“And Piers is saying, ‘What did the Prime Minister do, he didn’t even go to COBRA meetings’. 

“Piers you make me so angry, I am ashamed to have sat in front of you and told you my life story. You don’t deserve to listen to my life story. You don’t deserve to listen to anyone’s life story.

“You know why? Because you don’t f***ing listen, and now, you idiot, you just want to lay blame on the Prime Minister to make yourself look good.”

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