Jennifer Lawrence wore custom Dior to the Dont Look Up premiere

Last night was the New York premiere for Don’t Look Up, the star-studded ensemble film directed by Adam McKay. It premieres on Netflix this coming weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing it. It looks like an enjoyable comedy and you can’t argue with the cast. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio are the “leads,” they play scientists who discover the comet which is about to hit earth and kill everybody, leading to huge shenanigans. Leo honestly looked a bit nervous to be photographed with a heavily pregnant woman. There was panic in his eyes. Leo, it’s not yours!!

J-Law wore Dior, a customized gown to accommodate her pregnancy. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her in a Dior gown and this is one of the better ones. That sheer fabric isn’t a cape, those are just fabric panels which are supposed to look sort of like “sleeves.” The dress is very glittery and well-made and Jennifer looked elegant. I’m sure her feet hurt! This was her first premiere in two years. Her jewelry is Tiffany & Co.

There weren’t many solo pics of Meryl Streep, but her dress is Marc Jacobs. Jonah Hill is blonde and shirtless (but not jacket-less) and he attended the premiere with his girlfriend Sarah Brady. Florence Pugh isn’t in the film, but I guess she wanted to see it because she turned up at the premiere too. She wore an insane Dolce & Gabbana ensemble which was totally wrong for New York in December. Bonus: Kid Cudi wearing teddy bears on his feet.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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