Jane Fondas striptease in movie that sparked split from objectifying director husband

Jane Fonda sizzled with sex appeal in Barbarella

Jane Fonda went down a storm in Barbarella as a sexy astronaut – but couldn’t shake the feeling that she was objectified

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Jane Fonda, now 84, was married to Roger Vadim at the time that she channelled science fiction heroine Barbarella in the movie of the same name.

However, despite initially being “sexually awakened” by her beau, she became increasingly dissatisfied with how the movie, with Roger at its helm, portrayed her.

She was critical of the focus on her astronaut character “having strange sexual adventures”, feeling it detracted from what could have been an empowering and all-encompassing female role.

Despite looking sensational in a series of outfits including a metallic bikini, thigh high boots and a bright green fringed bodysuit, all while brandishing a ray gun, she later told Glamour magazine it was “objectifying”.

She added that after that film, she opted to leave her husband and “become a feminist”.

Jane Fonda strikes a pose

Jane Fonda posed in a style now more often seen on Victoria Beckham for her scenes in Barbarella

Jane Fonda being rescued by a captivating angel

Scantily clad Jane Fonda got into a spot of bother during the film, but a winged angel came to the rescue

Nearly nude Jane Fonda in the 1968 film Barbarella

Jane Fonda catapulted into this nest while partially clothed, in scenes directed by her then husband Roger Vadim

Jane Fonda turned heads with her sexy moves in Barbarella

Jane Fonda was often to be found brandishing a ray gun in the movie in a bid to save the planet – but rarely dressed down to do the job

Jane Fonda preparing for seduction

Jane Fonda preparing to wow as she embarks on a striptease during the controversial movie

Jane Fonda with the angel Pygar

Jane Fonda got up close and personal with winged angel Pygar, played by the late John Phillip Law, during the sexually charged movie

Jane Fonda with husband Roger Vadim, who directed her in Barbarella

Jane Fonda enjoyed a sexual “awakening” with ex-husband Roger Vadim, only to gradually feel that he had objectified her and that her feelings for her world-famous Barbarella movie were “complicated”. The realisation led to her leaving her husband, after which she says she “slowly become a feminist”.

Jane Fonda today

The Jane Fonda fans remember is still in the showbiz industry today

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