James Jordan vows to lose weight as he calls his 100kg weight borderline fat

James Jordanhas described himself as “borderline fat” after hitting 100kg on the scales.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star took to Instagram to reveal his plans and shared a photograph of himself on weighing scales.

He wrote alongside the social media snap: “Right!!!! I need to sort out my s#!¥ 2021 I gave up smoking after smoking for over 27 years. Now I feel I kind of have that under control I need to control the cr*p I put in my mouth.”

James, 43, continued: “I want to become more healthy and exercise more regular like I used to."

“I will never get my old body back but to be honest I don’t really want to. When I was on Strictly for example I fluctuated between 72kg & 75kg and when I look back I was too small.

“I’m not too worried about how much I weigh but it’s a fact for my height and build 100kg is unhealthy and borderline fat.”

He proceeded to tell his 293,000 followers to “watch this space”.

In the comments section, people wished James good luck with his health kick, while others offered him their advice.

“Don’t go bat sh*t crazy removing all the foods from your diet. Small sustainable changes for the win every time,” wrote one person.

“Good for you James go for it! you get one body one life that’s all! Look forward to your motivational updates x,” said another.

“Start running, thats what I did and helped get the weight off. Well done on giving up the smokes, not easy but great that your baby will never know you as a smoker,” suggested another.

Another person wrote: “You can do it,” followed by a string of clapping hands emojis.

James' pending health kick comes after he took part in Strictly The Real Full Monty at the end of 2021, where he bared all alongside other celebritiessuch as Teddy Soaresand Christine McGuiness to raise cancer awareness.

James’ decision to take part in the show came after helost his dad to cancer in March 2021.

Speaking onGood Morning Britainon Tuesday 14 December, James said: “I lost my dad in March, and when I was asked to do (The Real Full Monty) initially, my first thought of actually stripping naked wasn’t really something I was thinking about.

“But, after chatting with (his wife) Ola and thinking about it, it was something I decided I wanted to do in memory of my dad.”

“Obviously it’s all about raising awareness of cancer and making sure you go and get yourself checked,” James continued.

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