Ice Cube Says He's Not Part of Elitist Hollywood 'Club,' Issues Warning

Ice Cube says he is not part of the elite Hollywood “club” that so many others apparently are — and he’s airing some grievances about challenges he says he faces because of it.

The rapper posted an ominous video Sunday where he’s talking directly to the camera … and the dude goes on this long rant about being on the outs with the elites and “gatekeepers” in showbiz and sports … at least that’s what it sounds like he’s referring to.

Ice says flatly … he’s not part of that crowd, nor does he want to be — and goes on to say that fact actually makes folk on the inside angry, ’cause he’s resisting a mainstream thing for someone in his position.

It also seems Cube might be talking politics here too … ’cause he references his contract with Black America — something he put forth ahead of the 2020 presidential race, and which he said he felt Donald Trump actually appeared to take more seriously than Joe Biden.

In the wake of that, IC says certain groups have been “f***ing” with him — and the way he’s describing it … it sounds like he believes certain hurdles have been thrown up around as backlash to his stance. Cube says he doesn’t care though, ’cause he vows to overcome.

He mentions his Big3 league … and says it’s grown prosperous despite what he characterizes as getting the cold shoulder from the powerful institutions — like the NBA, for example.

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Cube also says he’s planning to do a massive podcast tour in the near future where he talks to “everybody” — and he makes it seem like that itself is going to ruffle feathers as well.

We already know the guy’s an independent, free thinker — but now, he’s digging his heels in and almost carving himself out as an outsider in showbiz … which is pretty interesting.

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