‘I was never the wife whod be ringing’ Fern Britton blasts too independent criticism

Fern Britton talks about her first heartbreak

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Twice-married star Fern Britton has now announced that she has “no time for romance”. She has also denied her mother’s claim she is “too independent”, but explained she has never been a clingy wife in either of her marriages.

I was never the wife who’d be ringing every half an hour asking: ‘When are you coming home?’

Fern Britton

Exclaiming that she thinks it impossible to ever be “too independent”, despite what her mum says, the author of ten books has revealed that age is increasing her tendency to behave this way.

“To either husband, I was never the wife who’d be ringing every half an hour asking: ‘When are you coming home?’,” she revealed.

When she was growing up, her attitude concerned her traditionally-minded mum, who believed she should play a more conventionally female role in married life.

However, since her second divorce, she has embraced becoming more of a free-spirit than ever before, answering to nobody as she navigates life in her 60s.

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Since stepping back from a 42-year-long adventure in the world of TV, and relocating to the sleepy village of Padstow in Cornwall, it may seem as though she had disappeared from public life.

However, Fern recently spent a stint in London during which she attended the cabaret, enjoyed dinner dates with female friends and even partook in a group cycling session.

Plus she hasn’t stepped away from the TV scene completely, as she is still the hugely popular host of Channel 5 show Watercolour Challenge.

The main difference in her life is that she feels she is living on her own terms, without a man to answer to.

“I’m really enjoying being in a big bed by myself, and I’ve moved the pillows to the middle,” she announced.

She now shares her home with no-one other than her three cats and her 20-year-old daughter, Winnie – her youngest child and the only one conceived during her marriage to TV chef Phil Vickery.

Besides independence, she is also celebrating the tendency she has developed to speak her mind.

She believes this comes with age, and may have something to do with hormones.


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“When you get to 40, you think, ‘I’m not going to take any more s*** from anybody.’

“When you get to 50, you start saying ‘F*** off!’ to everybody.

“When you’re 60, you think, ‘Do you know what? I can’t be a****’. I’m allowed to say it – I like having my own autonomy,” she added to Woman & Home in an interview out next week.

One of her sons has suggested that she might find a “companion” for cinema trips, but Fern has shrugged off the possibility, uncertain so far of whether or not she will dip a toe back into the dating pool.

The 64-year-old, who was previously well known for her stints on This Morning and Ready Steady Cook, is taking life as it comes.

She has admitted that her own daughter has branded her a “grumpy git”, but she has no intention of changing.

Plus this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of feisty Fern as an author, as she is contracted to pen at least three more books.

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