Here's Why Lily James & Dominic West Might Get FINED For Those Kissing Photos In Rome!

We know Lily James and Dominic West both wish their PDA-filled Italian outing would just go away, but now that the LAW is reportedly getting involved, that definitely isn’t happening anytime soon!

Nearly two weeks after The Pursuit of Love co-stars’ were spotted kissing on romantic tryst around Rome, the pair could be facing legal consequences for their hangout — and no, we’re not referring to what could happen if West’s heartbroken wife of 10 years Catherine FitzGerald decides to drop the act and leave her man for good.

According to recent reporting from The Sun, Lily and Dominic overlooked the city’s strict laws when it comes to riding around on scooters amid the coronavirus pandemic and now they could both be facing a fine for joyriding together!

Local councilor Stefano Marin explained to the outlet:

“The law is quite clear: riding tandem on an e-scooter is forbidden. It’s a breach of the highway code and a breach of the new Covid laws.”

Adding that (adulterous) celebs aren’t exempt from the rules, the official added:

“You are supposed to maintain social distance and riding tandem on a scooter is not keeping social distance. Now we have been made aware of this we shall be investigating. The law is equal for all.”

Oof. Talk about throwing salt on an open wound, right?

At this time, it’s unknown if local law enforcement has actually pressed charges against both stars and it’s also unclear how much James and West would be fined; the publication estimated it could be around $240 based on precedent. While that’s chump change considered to how much they both make, it’s definitely just an unfortunate reminder and price to pay for a serious lapse in judgement that’s since been immortalized on the internet.

After news broke of The Affair actor’s passionate kiss with Lily, Dominic and his wife reassured the public that they were happily married in a press conference where they kissed for reporters and shared the following statement:

“Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together.”

While the Cinderella actress has yet to publicly address the controversial rendezvous, an insider close to the situation has expressed that she hopes to move on from the ordeal sooner rather than later:

“She’s mortified and embarrassed by the entire thing. She was shocked when she saw the photos and his story that he is happily married. She wants it all to go away and is just laying low hoping it will pass quickly.”

If that ticket eventually comes, pay it swiftly and never look back, gurl!

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