Gold's Gym Owner Rainer Schaller's Missing Plane Crashed

Rainer Schaller — who owns Gold’s Gym, among other brands — is still missing after his plane disappeared off the coast of Costa Rica, and his gym’s parent company says the plane crashed.

The RSG Group issued a statement Monday confirming Rainer, his family and two others were on board the plane when it crashed.

There is still no official word if Rainer died … though there are reports two bodies were found, plus luggage and pieces of the twin-engine plane.

The airplane wreckage was found at sea, so the situation does not sound good.

As we reported … Rainer’s flight disappeared overnight Friday, with the plane vanishing off the coast of Costa Rica on a flight path from Mexico.

Rainer is the founder and CEO of RSG Group, which operates a string of gym chains across the globe, including Gold’s, John Reed and McFit.

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