Glass Onions Kathryn Hahn admits struggles while filming on island

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Netflix trailer

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Comedian and actress Kathryn Hahn, 49, appeared alongside the rest of the Glass Onion cast at the London Film Festival. She jokingly recalled the “tough” months filming on location in Greece as the cast and crew formed their own isolated “bubble”. 

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery began filming in June 2021, on the Greek island Spetses.

The new murder mystery follows a group of lifelong friends as they head to one of their private islands for a weekend getaway.

The actress claimed it was a case of art depicting reality as she joked: “It was so tough going to Greece in the middle of the pandemic!”

Speaking to and other media outlets at the press conference, the comedian revealed she was also able to bring her family to Greece, but work still came first as director Rian Johnson “ran a tight ship”.

Bearing in mind the ongoing pandemic, she admitted the stringent leadership did give her some peace of mind. 

Kathryn noted the completely isolated environment enabled the creatives to take their control of the storyline to an entirely new level. 

She explained: “Because of the circumstances we really were able to create, in this beautiful environment, the rules of the game of the movie.”

However, she also noted: “Outside the movie, we really did create such a circus. 

“It really did feel like we were this travelling circus together. Which added to the texture of the movie.”

The actress had never been to the island before but seemingly plans to return, calling it “a dream”. 

She said: “It was heaven, the most beautiful place ever that I’d seen.

“(I’m) still dreaming about those Greek salads.”

Another place the actress had never been before is London, and a bit overwhelmed by the experience at the London Film Festival, as she exclaimed: “I’m really having a Notting Hill dream!”

Kathryn quickly added: “Not that I’m Julia Roberts, I’m just saying.”

Regardless, a member of the press audience offered to be her Hugh Grant, to which she cheekily quipped: “I’ll tell my husband.”

The Marvel actress gushed about the film, noting that Knives Out was one of the few murder mysteries she could sit through without getting bored and tired midway. 

She added: “It was something so refreshing and invigorating and thrilling and fresh and so specific with the characters.

“I was thrilled by Rian’s screenwriting and reading this, you just cannot believe that it’s going to be pulled off. That thrill is like the wonder you have as a kid going to the theatre.”

Glass Onion will have a limited release in cinemas from November 23 to November 29. 

It will then be available to stream on Netflix on December 23. 

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