Get To Know Are You Afraid of The Dark’s Arjun Athalye With 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

JJJ is getting to know the cast of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows ahead of the premiere on Friday (February 12).

Leading up to the new season, over the next few days, we’re bringing you all the info on who plays who, and learning more about the actors – starting with Arjun Athalye!

Arjun stars as Jai, the voice of reason within the Midnight Society. He considers himself a hyper-intelligent 40 year-old, even though he really just repeats sentence fragments he hears adults say. Jai’s a believer in logic and science, which sometimes makes it hard for him to fully embrace his imagination.

Curse of the Shadows follows an all-new Midnight Society group of kids who learn of the terrifying curse cast over their small seaside town, and are haunted by a mysterious creature known as the Shadowman. In the just-released trailer, viewers are introduced to the new Midnight Society members and get a glimpse at the horrors that await them in the shadows. Watch the trailer here.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? season two premieres THIS Friday (February 12) at 8pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon!

Get to know Arjun with our exclusive 10 Fun Facts below:

  • 1. I’ve been to all seven wonders of the world. My family loves to travel and I’ve been blessed to visit a bunch of different countries and experience so many beautiful cultures.
  • 2. I used to be afraid of tomatoes. Not like ketchup or tomato sauce just like raw tomatoes. Idk why, but something about them just gives me the creeps.
  • 3. My hand is weirdly flexible so I can bend my thumb backwards till it touches my wrist. Also, my pinky is all crooked.
  • 4. I’ve eaten a bunch of weird things like Alpaca meat, Camel meat, Crickets and even Dr Pepper.
  • 5. I play percussion in a Symphony Orchestra.

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  • 6. My favorite TV show right now is Attack on Titan. Some of my others are Ozark, Breaking Bad, Succession, Maniac and Game of thrones (Seasons 1-7).
  • 7. I love puzzles and problem solving, so I do a lot of escape rooms, scavenger hunts and geocaching.
  • 8. I put cereal before milk, but then i microwave it because soggy cereal is a divine blessing. I hope to one day start a soggy cereal company and share my message with the world.
  • 9. I’m from New Jersey but I live so close to NYC that I just say I’m from New York.
  • 10. I did a lot of musical theater before I got into film. I’m a horrible dancer so it’s probably good I got into acting.

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