Find Out When Chrissy Teigen Plans to Get Pregnant With Baby No. 3

In related news, the ‘Bring the Funny’ judge recently opened up on Instagram that she had not been ‘feeling like my best self lately,’ adding, ‘Like pretty super below it.’

AceShowbizChrissy Teigen is having a change of heart on her plan to have more babies after experiencing how exhausting it is to raise two children. Recently, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model revealed on Instagram when she would try to get pregnant with her third child.

This started after Chrissy posted on the photo-sharing site a photo of her hanging out at the beach with her two children, Luna and Miles. While the three looked like they were having a good time, Chrissy admitted to having a hard time in the caption of the post. “Rascals, in descending order of rascality,” so the “Bring the Funny” judge wrote.

Her post prompted one of her followers to suggest that she could “fit one more little one on the end.” But Chrissy made it clear that she wasn’t down with the idea. “Gonna try to wait a few years before attempting again,” she replied to the user, before confessing, “These guys are exhausting!”

Her response contradicted with what she said when she was still pregnant with Miles. Chrissy said to Us Weekly at the time, “I think I do want to have another baby this and then get hot. I just want to go babies, back to back to back, but then I think maybe I want to have my 30s, really live in my 30s and not just be pregnant throughout them.”

In related news, the wife of John Legend recently got candid about not “feeling like my best self lately. Like pretty super below it.” She added, “I think I have an ulcer. Also I’m super cranky. And tired. Don’t tell me to go to the doctor. I will. But I still need help with the cranky part. Is there a cranky [doctor?]”

Chrissy continued, “I think I need to eat really bland things for a month. I eat so spicy and garlicy and acidic. My stomach is so mad at me. I think my organs are 1/1000th of a millimeter thick and about to go.”

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