Fiery row kicks off as Love Island star claims Theo Campbell made up eye injury

Love Island's Theo Campbell and Idris Virgo have clashed in a furious spat over Theo's blindness in one eye.

Idris, who appeared on the ITV2 dating show the year after Theo in 2018, had sent a message on a group chat alleging that Theo had faked an injury that caused him to go blind in one eye.

Theo was left blind in his right eye after it was struck by a champagne cork during a trip to Ibiza.

Now, the 28 year-old hunk has hit out at Idris after he shared a screenshot of private messages between himself and Theo.

From what can be seen on the screenshot, Theo wrote: "Everyone laughing at my bulls**t like who?

"Lets see if you got the b***s to say. Really don't understand your [sic] issue tbh."

Idris snapped back: "You don't understand…lol everyone, don't you read the comments. Plus most the cast.

"Carry on it's entertainment for our group chat, dumb**s."

In response to the screenshot, Theo posted another one – this time of Idris telling a group chat: "I think it's fake tbh" after being quizzed about Theo's injury.

Alongside it, a fuming Theo wrote: "You missed out the part where you tell you're [sic] little people I'm lying about my eye…only a idiot like yourself would lie about such a thing.

"And the fact that you're putting our convo on Twitter just proves once again what a BEG you are. BEG BEG BEG such a loser."

Not letting it go, Theo went at Idris again: "You're boring. You didn't get an invite to the reunion because you had 0 personality on the show.

"Everyone else should, only you shouldn't. And because your [sic] a puppet that's why yo won't get casted again. I dunno why you try so hard online to make noise.

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