Farrah Abraham: Grown Men Slide Into Sophia’s DMs All the Time!

Whether or not Farrah Abraham is a “fun mom” is moot, because she’s not winning any Mother of the Year awards.

She’s not the worst parent from the Teen Mom franchise, but that’s not saying much.

Recently, some fans have wondered if even Jenelle might be dethroned after Farrah’s latest interview.

Farrah is fully aware that gross, adult men send direct messages to her 12-year-old daughter. What is she doing about it?!

Recently, Farrah Abraham spoke to Us Weekly as only she can.

Some of her comments have already made the rounds.

Most notably, she spoke about how she has been teaching Sophia about pregnancy tests.

On the one hand, of course everyone should receive sex education.

This is especially important for tweens who have started puberty.

Frankly, Farrah should have covered this topic long ago — instead of waiting until Sophia heard “things” at sleepovers.

Most people don’t prioritize pregnancy test-taking when it comes to sex ed.

However, given Farrah’s obvious personal history on getting pregnant at an extremely young age, you can see why she brought it up.

Still, most sex ed should focus upon consent, avoiding injury or infection, and preventing those tests from ever coming back positive.

Farrah also characterized herself as being “fun.”

She suggested that her “fun mom” status made her a chill person with whom to discuss sex.

First of all, we’ve all heard her espouse dangerous conspiracy theories and launch unhinged, racist rants.

But even if we ignore those non-fun aspects of Farrah, there’s more.

Like … wasn’t it just last year that Sophia asked Farrah during a podcast to respect her privacy?

Specifically, Sophia wanted Farrah to stop shouting out her puberty milestones from the rooftops.

“Do you want to make a kid have suicide?” Farrah asked during the interview.

She then admitted: “I don’t know what we’re doing there.”

Allegedly the topic was about people who bully or “talk negatively,” which notably are not the same thing.

Farrah then announced that she is always quick to “block, block, block” people on Sophia’s social media.

Some of them are haters, trolling Sophia’s page to get to her.

Others are creeps and worse.

“I do get mad when I see grown adult men messaging my daughter,” Farrah revealed.

She expressed: “I got a big problem with that…”

Thus far, her only solution seems to be monitoring Sophia’s DMs … which isn’t a permanent fix.

Farrah went on to complain about how her haters post on Sophia’s page about her.

“It’s not healthy to shame a dod or mom in front of the child,” she insisted.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are much more hung up on the adult creeps trying to slide into a tween’s DMs.

Farrah can monitor Sophia’s DMs all that she likes … for now.

But there is a reason that many celebrities and their relatives have public and private accounts.

In public, you post modeling shoots, positive messages, and make announcements.

Meanwhile, a famous person’s private account is for their real friends.

It’s usually under a totally fake name and privacy-locked, where applicable.

Sophia needs one of those if she doesn’t have one already.

Right now, Sophia is 12, and therefore too young for a true personal Instagram account.

(A lot of spaces on the internet are only for people ages 13 and up unless a parent runs the account)

Very soon, it will no longer be ethical for Farrah to snoop in Sophia’s DMs. Sophia desperately needs true privacy.

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