Emma Roberts Blocked Her Mother on Instagram After She Leaked Her Pregnancy News

Emma Roberts is pregnant and expecting a baby boy with her super hunky boyfriend, Garret Hedlund! Emma didn’t confirm the news herself until the end of August, but her mother, Kelly Cunningham, sadly beat her to the punch. Seeing as Emma is a pretty private person, her mother’s actions pissed her off to the point that she actually blocked her on Instagram. True story!

Emma shared the hilarious tale during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and explained that she purchased her mother Kelly an iPhone for Mother’s Day (she had no computer and a flip phone up until three years ago, wow). As sweet as the gesture was, Emma soon realized that it was a veryyy bad idea. “I was, like, ‘Now we can FaceTime and iMessage. And like, how sweet.’ And it was just such a love fest….and it was the worst thing I ever did,” she told Kimmel.

After Kelly set up Google Alerts for Emma’s name, she then downloaded Instagram to her phone and accumulated thousands of followers in a short amount of time. Once outlets started reporting that Emma was expecting, Kelly messed up and started thanking followers for the well wishes on Emma’s behalf. A fan even asked Kelly point blank if Emma was pregnant, to which she enthusiastically replied, “Yes!!”

Emma continued, “It was a disaster, and I found it all out on a plane. So, I couldn’t get to her. Like, I couldn’t call her or attack her. I could just iMessage with her and DM her and ask her to please stop.” And the worst part about it? Emma’s mom didn’t even think it was a big deal. “When I said to her, ‘Mom, you revealed my pregnancy,’ she goes, ‘Emma, you announced it.’ I said, ‘No, I didn’t. That was a tabloid.’ She’s like, ‘Oh, that wasn’t clear.'”

“We kind of laughed, we kind of got in a fight. I blocked her at one point. It was my only weapon. She texted me at 2:00 a.m., ‘Queen, did you block me? Sad face.’ I was like, ‘Yes, I did block you.’ Then I unblocked her. It’s been an Instagram war with my mother that I never saw coming. A good story to tell the baby,” she concluded.

Who knew a baby announcement could hold so much drama?? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna sweet talk my mom into calling me “queen.” Just because.

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