DoorDash Suspends Deliveries in Los Angeles During Hurricane Hilary, Earthquake


DoorDash customers in L.A. who didn’t stock up on groceries before Hurricane Hilary are gonna have to find a new way to eat … ’cause the company’s suspended deliveries.

DoorDash says it’s activated its “Severe Weather Protocol,” putting a temporary pause on operations in places like Los Angeles County, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Barstow as the storm continues to pass through southern California.

The food delivery halt went into effect at 3:45 PM Sunday, and the company says it’s expected to resume work at 11 AM on Monday, depending on how the weather’s looking.


People jumping on the app might end up a little hangry — a popup message is now appearing, explaining the interruption, and all the restaurants are only listed as “pickup” options.

In other words, go get your own damn food!

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