Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams Slams Those Confusing Her for Actress Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, the singer from Destiny’s Child, is not happy with the angry comments she received after Michelle Williams, the Fosse/Verdon actress, received her Emmy Award this weekend.

If you missed it, Michelle (the actress) won an Emmy on Sunday (September 22) and gave an impassioned speech about pay equality.

After the speech, haters came for Michelle (the singer), and she spoke out about it during an Instagram Live.

“Let’s get one thing clear. How come when y’all are tagging and congratulating a person … do y’all see that I’m black when you go to my profile or tag, like when you search for the Michelle Williams?” the singer said. “I am black! OK? I ain’t mixed with nothing. I ain’t mixed with Persian, Russian. I am black!”

“I thought [Michelle’s acceptance speech] was her truth. I thought it was awesome. I thought she was factual. I could be wrong,” she added. “But yo, I just told this woman a few minutes ago on my Instagram, I was like, ‘I’m so sorry that my namesake upset you! But can’t you see that I’m black?’”

This isn’t the first time the two Michelle Williams‘ have spoken out about the confusion over sharing a name!

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