Dean McDermott Shares Scary Hospital Selfie — Inflicted With ‘Pneumonia, Possibly Meningitis&#8217

Tori Spelling‘s husband had a pretty bad weekend… and no, it’s not because of the Taylor Swift drama or anything — he’s just really, REALLY sick.

Dean McDermott has been updating his fans from the hospital where, on Sunday June 30, he was admitted after falling seriously ill! Oh no!!!

Writing on an Instagram post from his hospital bed on Monday morning, McDermott opened up a little bit with fans about what happened that landed him there in the first place, sharing (below):

“So this happened last night. I got admitted to hospital with pneumonia, possibly meningitis. I’ve never been so sick in my life!!!! Thumbs up and spirits up though #sickasadog #aintnothang #thistoshallpass #blipontheradar”


So sad to hear it — and kinda scary, too!!!

Here’s the pic McDermott shared (below):

Obviously, the Toronto native will (hopefully!) come out of it A-OK now that he’s in the hands of capable doctors who can care for him around the clock… but it’s interesting, because he may have actually inadvertently predicted his own sickness just 48 hours earlier!

Just two days before the former Chopped Canada host was admitted to the hospital, he posted yet another IG announcement — this time, on video — where he noted how he was running a fever after apparently throwing out his back at home earlier in the week.

He noted that he was forced to cancel a family trip to Vancouver because of the back injury, and joked at the time that he was “going to be one ornery elderly person” someday, because “I get really pissed off when I can’t do things and move the way I want. And I’m already ornery as it is!!”

Ha!!! Feel you on that one, Dean!

But seriously — the video (below) may have actually been showing the early onset of some pretty severe symptoms that very soon after landed him in the hospital for acute care:

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I’m so BUMMED!!! I’ve been laid out for 2 days because I threw my back out. Now I got hit with a fever of 102. I feel like a big pile o ?!!! How’d I throw my back out you ask?? Bending over to pick up a towel to DRY MY FACE!!! Epic fail!! How’d I get the 102 fever?? Courtesy of Finn McDermott. Needless to say it ruined the family’s plans to fly to Vancouver today to see @torispelling & @stylishslimebystella I tell ya, I’m going to be one ornery elderly person. I get really pissed off when I can’t do things and move the way I want. And I’m already ornery as it is!! What’s the lamest way you’ve injured yourself?? Please share. I need a laugh. #sick #backsout #injury #fever #grumpy #crustyoldman #ornery #blah #ivethrownmybackoutandicantgetup

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Scary to think about!!!

Thankfully, though, as we’ve been noting, we have every reason to believe McDermott can pull out of this just fine considering he’s receiving top-notch medical care now.

The Daddy Issues podcast host may not be back ASAP doing what he loves, but he’s on the mend now, and soon enough, he’ll return to his crazy little world and that big ol’ family with Tori. But for now… rest up and get well soon!!!

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