Davina McCall still speaks to dead sister and fills her in on ‘royal family news’

The Long Lost Family presenter revealed she always keeps her sister up to date with gossip “especially anything to do with the Royal Family”.

Davina, 52, said: “Caroline is always with me – I talk to her all the time. There’s always stuff I want to tell her.”

And her sibling’s death has made her even more determined to keep following her dreams.

“She was only 50 when she died and it made me realise you should never coast. Go for the things you want because life is short. Do what you love, tell the people you love that you love them.”

The veteran host also confessed she is grateful that she still has work in telly in her fifties.

“I thought I’d be in my twinset and pearls with a pair of knitting needles by 50,” she joked. I thought the business would retire me at 45.”

“I wasted a lot of time in my 40s thinking: ‘Have I achieved everything I wanted to?’

“But I’m not worried about that nonsense any more. There’s a brilliant sense of inner confidence that comes with that.”

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