Dan Walker left struggling over Harry and William row

Lorraine on Prince Harry revelations "it's enough now"

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Dan Walker, 45, has spoken on the ongoing tension between Prince Harry and Prince William ahead of the revelatory book, Spare, by the Duke of Sussex being released this month. In the biography, Harry claims that his older brother physically attacked him and encouraged him to wear his controversial Nazi costume to a party back in 2005.

Sharing a photo of Prince Harry on his Instagram today, Dan typed: “Will the royal brothers ever repair their relationship?

“There is a claim of a physical attack by William on Harry and the latest leak is that William and Kate were involved in the infamous decision to wear the Nazi costume in 2005.

“I’m struggling to see who comes out of all this well but I’m sure there will be more leaks before publication,” in reference to excerpts of the memoir being published by The Guardian today.

One of his followers, EileenoDonovanRobinson replied: “I’m disappointed in you @mrdanwalker apparently taking sides. I can’t see their relationship recovering while Harry is set on destroying his family for monetary gain.”

In response, the former BBC Breakfast host typed: “Hi Eileen. Hope you’re ok. Where am I taking sides? 

“Just sad to see a family breakdown,” he added.

Tracyg1983 remarked: “At this point, the vast majority of the public simply do not care what has gone on within this family. 

“I just do not understand what Harry is trying to achieve here – you can’t publicly slate your family and then expect them to apologise to you and welcome you with open arms.”

Sallylockdesigner said: “But remember just one side of the story, not saying right or wrong for Harry but when I fell out with sisters as I grew up my side was always swayed more towards what struggles I had gone through. 

“We made up, we argued, we made up etc. but I would have found it hard to forgive if they told even one neighbour of our arguments let alone the world.”

It comes as Harry claimed William and his wife Kate encouraged him to wear the infamous Nazi uniform which sparked a 2005 scandal, according to new revelations leaked from his forthcoming memoir.

According to an extract from Spare, Harry sensationally claims he was egged on by his brother and girlfriend Kate Middleton ahead of the “Native and Colonial” themed fancy dress party.

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In the extracts obtained by Page Six, the Duke of Sussex says: “I phoned Willy and Kate, asked what they thought. Nazi uniform, they said.”

He says he was choosing between a Nazi or pilot uniform, with his brother and now sister-in-law “howled” at the sight of him in the outfit.

Harry adds: “Worse than Willy’s leotard outfit! Way more ridiculous! Which, again, was the point.”

The outfit donned by Harry was the desert uniform of General Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps and had a large swastika emblazoned on a red armband.

Images of the then-20-year-old were plastered across the front page of national newspapers following the incident.

Describing it as one of the “biggest mistakes” of his life in his and wife Meghan Markle’s recent Netflix documentary, Harry issued an apology shortly after the 2005 incident.

At the time of the incident, Harry said: “I am very sorry if I have caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologise.”

Prince William is yet to comment on the claims made in the book.

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