Cowboys Lasso Escaped Cow On Oklahoma City Highway

Absolutely wild scene in Oklahoma City on Monday … a cow got loose on a busy highway — and two cowboys (not the ones from Dallas!) had to wrangle it in with horses and lassos!!

A news crew’s camera in the sky captured the entire incident … from the pursuit to the moment the cowboys captured the escaped animal.

Two people using vehicles attempted to pin the cow to a fence near the road … but once that failed, a cowboy riding on his horse sprang into action and took off after the cow with a rope in hand.

The cowboy then threw the lasso out … and hooked the beast around its neck. A second cowboy came in and lassoed the cow’s feet, mercifully bringing the wild chase to an end.

The takedown was heroic — considering there were cars zooming by at a high rate of speed on the opposite side of the road just feet away.

Still no word yet on how the cow broke loose … but, fortunately, it appears all parties involved came away from the scene OK.


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