Corries Colson Smith still sees fat kid in mirror after 10 stone weight loss

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Coronation Street star Colson Smith has spoken candidly about his epic ten stone weight loss in a revealing new interview.

The 23 year old admitted that while he has come a long way on the health front, he still sees "that fat kid" when he looks in the mirror.

Speaking to Runner's World, the soap star, who plays policeman Craig Tinker on the Cobbles, said: "That fat kid is the kid that I've looked at every day in the mirror, and I still see him now.

"It's a battle I'm probably going to carry with me for the rest of my life. You don't shrug off that kind of thing so easily," the television favourite added.

Colson shed the weight by taking up running at the beginning of lockdown last year.

However, he admitted that he would go running in the middle of the night because he was "too embarrassed" by his weight and "did not want to be seen".

It wasn't long before Colson began running for "confidence" than the sole purpose of losing weight.

"Every run until at least May was for the benefit of losing weight, but then something clicked, and it wasn't about that anymore. I became more interested in what running actually was," Craig said.

Craig noted that he quickly realised that he wasn't running for "anyone else" but himself.

The talented actor said that he decided to lose weight at the end of 2019 and even asked Corrie boss Iain MacLeod if his healthier lifestyle could be incorporated into a storyline for extra motivation.

And while he acknowledged that lockdown could have been a "perfect excuse" for him to put weight on, he was determined to "stop and refocus".

Colson is now undoubtedly healthy and happy but admitted he has come a long way since being a youngster targeted by school bullies for his weight and being on television.

He said: "Being the kid who was on telly definitely put a target on my head. I got a hard time at school. I got a hard time for my job and a hard time for the way I looked, so it was the worst of both worlds."

In a previous interview, Colson also revealed he would 'self-harm' with food as a mechanism to cope with the trolling he received.

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