Clemson Fan Inhales Tub of Mayo During Clemson/Georgia Duke's Mayo Classic

A Clemson football fan may have to make a trip to the Mayo Clinic after scarfing down a container of mayonnaise during a game.

The fan was amped for Saturday night’s Duke’s Mayo Classic — Clemson vs. Georgia. The dude showed up with an enormous tub of mayo and proceeded to scarf as much down as he could stomach.

The condiment-loving fan was splashed all over TV during the game, which was broadcast by ESPN. We’re guessing viewers swore off mayo with their game snacks.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Mind you … this type of stunt also went down in the A.M., not that an afternoon or evening display would have been less stomach-turning.

Another fan slathered himself with a gallon of mayo … it’s as disgusting as it is hilarious.

The condition of the dudes who inhaled the condiment is unknown, but our educated guess … it cannot be good.

As for the game … Georgia won by a score of 10-3. Looks like Clemson just couldn’t ketchup.

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