Christina Perri Shares Emotional Update With Fans About Pregnancy Loss: ‘The Worst Experience Of My Life’

Get ready for a tearjerker…

Following the devastating loss of her second child, Christina Perri penned a heartfelt and candid caption to fans on Instagram on Tuesday. As you’ll recall, the singer shared in early November that she was hospitalized due to pregnancy complications.

At the time, she asked for prayers as the doctors and nurses worked to keep both her and the baby healthy, but on November 24, she revealed her precious baby had passed away.

Now, with a sweet photo (below) of her 2-year-old Carmella and their adorable new puppy Chocolate Chip (whose name we couldn’t love more), Perri opened up about how her family is handling the grieving process, writing:

“the days have been long and yet also feel like they all blend into one. we’re not ok, but we believe in a day we will be. me, paul, and carmella all wrap each other up in love and in sadness everyday. we’re learning to navigate our grief together.”

Our hearts go out to this sweet family!

The 34-year-old songstress also took the opportunity to thank her fans, friends, and family for their outpouring of love, noting:

“the calls, texts, messages, emails, letters, flowers, packages, gifts, food, prayers, cards, stories and visits have been the greatest outpouring of love in my lifetime. yes, it’s been the worst experience of my life, but how bittersweet to also be the most loved i’ve ever felt at the same time. thank you.”

Despite feeling uplifted by kind messages, Perri emphasized the struggle she and her family have faced in the last few weeks. Leaning on her husband Paul Costabile and their first-born daughter, each day is a rollercoaster of emotions. She described:

“some days we can’t swim, some days we float fine. every day we burst into tears and every day we find moments to laugh. it’s been all the feelings, all the emotions, all the questions, all the anger, all the sadness; all day long. some moments of surrender and hope slip in there, but not often. i know that’s all normal.”

It certainly is normal, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging.

Like many, Perri has turned to her new pup for emotional support. She added about the new addition to the family:

“She has brought a little bit of joy back into our house. honestly she hasn’t left my side.”

We’re so glad they have Chocolate Chip to shower them with puppy kisses during these difficult days!

The next time we hear from Perri personally, she’ll have new music for our earbuds, but until then, she signed her accounts off to her team. The star explained:

“the next time you hear from me my album will be ready! which, honestly, is the hopeful future self i look forward to healing back into soon. it truly is my favorite music i’ve ever made, so i am deeply excited for when the moment is right to give it to you.”

Take all the time you need, girl! We’ll be waiting patiently until you’re ready.

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