Christina Milian is pregnant, ex-husband The Dream makes it about him

Singer/actress Christina Milian is pregnant with her second child. She and ex-husband, producer The Dream, are parents to nine-year-old Violet. On Sunday, Christina posted her happy news to Instagram with boyfriend Matt Pokora and a sonogram of their collaboration:

New release 2020! What a blessing! Let’s do this babe @mattpokora ❤️!

So, who is Matt Pokora? He is a French singer who has been dating Christina for about two years now. He may be a big name in Europe, but this is the first I have heard of him. Most of the stories I found on him were in French and my rusty French cannot be trusted to do them justice. However, Christina talked about him to Hollywood Life last year and gushed about how “great” their relationship was, mentioning specifically that he was “honest.” This is likely a huge thing for Christina given that both ex-fiancé Nick Canon and ex-husband The Dream were not honest and cheated on her rather publicly (and Lord knows what went on with her and Lil Wayne). Going solely by photos of the two together, Christina and Matt look very happy together and he is obviously thrilled to be expecting his first child with her as he posted the same pic as Christina did, but in black and white and with the caption “La relève est en route! ???? Legacy on the way! ???? #happyman @christinamilian ❤️” Christina’s been talking about babies since she met Matt and he moved to LA to be a family with her last year, these two make a darling couple and I bet they make a darling baby. Congrats to the whole family.

And by the whole family, I mean to ex-husband The Dream too, who clearly wants to be included in the happy moment. Stealing Matt’s pic from Instagram, The Dream cleverly made his ex-wife’s birth news all about him in the caption:

I’m Delighted to wait the arrival and Welcome the Beautiful Being that’s on the way for @christinamilian and @mattpokora. What most may not know is I’ve asked for this moment to be Realized more than I can count. I have also made my best efforts at making sure whoever was in your life loved You and Adored You! I’ve Said if it’s Love do not hide it in the Dark let it inspire us in the light. I am so happy for You Tina most of all. Beyond this Business there is a common love that sometimes get left behind. A child itself can not Will that love but two people who love each other can will that love into a child. I told you recently and asked what are you waiting for. ? I’m glad the wait is over! This time around Make sure no one comes in between your happiness and will to love and be loved! Love who you want and how you want! @mattpokora I believe in you based off of our convo she has the Right human being to stand beside. Sending You much Love and Joy! You both should be Elated and do not dismiss a moment of this journey it goes by at light speed it seems! ✊?from @Thekingdream and @MrsNashxo we send you Infinite Love

Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters. The gall! I shouldn’t be surprised, when he got caught publicly fooling around on Christina, he posted a shockingly tone-deaf statement about how his real crime was letting his fans, and apparently his wife, believe their marriage was okay when in fact he had fallen out of love with her so it was okay that he was sleeping around. So yeah, Christina and Matt’s pregnancy is all because The Dream asked her what she’s waiting for and then prayed for her happiness. Congratulations, The Dream. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. *Insert eye roll in the most French way possible*

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