Charley Webb responds after being inundated with messages about odd outfit ‘Can’t cope’

Charley Webb responds to fan comments about her outfit

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Emmerdale actress Charley Webb, 33, has responded to fans who were left confused after the star filmed herself in an excessively thick outfit yesterday, on one of the hottest days of the year. Taking to Instagram, the star revealed that she was dressed in multiple layers of clothing to take her youngest son Ace on a playdate in the forest. However, the star soon revealed her reasoning behind the winter outfit.

I’ve literally had about 58 thousand million messages about my outfit

Charley Webb

Yesterday morning the actress revealed that she was taking Ace, who is nearly two, to play in the forest.

Filming the tot strolling through the wooded area, the blonde-haired toddler looked sweet in a pair of dark dungarees and a lilac top.

However, Charley left her fans open-mouthed with her outfit in the 25 degree heat.

Bending down to film with her youngest, the actress gave her fans an insight into what she was getting up to with Ace.

She said: “We’re getting filthy aren’t we, so muddy,” before panning her outfit from head to toe.

“He’s loving life, loving life, Ace!” she added in an attempt to get her son to look into the camera, as he busied himself in a toy kitchen in the forest.

Filming herself in a thick coat, hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and wellies, the star left fans flummoxed as to why she would wear so many layers on one of the hottest days of the year.

Hours after her excursion with her youngest child, the star took to stories in a pinstripe shirt to address her controversial outfit.

Lying in bed after a long day, Charley revealed that she had been inundated with comments over what she was wearing.

She said: “I’ve literally had about 58 thousand million messages about my outfit this morning in the forest.”

She went on to steel herself before giving fans an explanation.

“So, it’s all in the shade and I thought I’d rather put loads of layers on -“, she added before cutting herself off.


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The wife of actor Matthew Wolfenden went on to reveal that she was wearing even more clothes than it seemed, as she had on a base layer underneath her hoodie.

“Oh, by the way, I had a thermal on as well,” Charley added casually.

She continued to explain her reasoning for dressing for winter in June.

Charley said: “I thought I’d rather have loads of layers on and take them off if I get hot, than be there for an hour and a half freezing in a pair of shorts and a vest, because I hate being cold, I can’t cope with it.”

Shockingly, the mother-of-three revealed that she had kept all her layers on the entire time, as she was permanently in the shade.

She explained: “Anyway, the jacket and the jumper stayed on the entire time, you will not believe, but it did.”

However, the star admitted that once home and in the garden she enjoyed being in the sunshine after an outfit change.

Charley said: “And I was absolutely fine, then I got home, sat in the garden and got into full summer clothes.”

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