Carol Vorderman blasts critics calling her selfish

Carol Vorderman dresses up as Lord Voldemort

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Carol Vorderman, 61, is known for showcasing her incredible gym-honed figure and wearing tight-fitted outfits as she continues her lengthy TV career. However, the former Countdown star has been regularly hit with criticism for her appearance and has hit out at critics in a new interview as she slams those who call her “selfish” for “looking after” herself.

Be a bit selfish!

Carol Vorderman

Carol shared her incredible Halloween outfit Monday as she appeared on This Morning in a skimpy red mini dress as she dressed as Carol Vordermort, similar to the Harry Potter character, Voldemort.

However, in a recent podcast, the TV star has expressed how she handles the negative criticism as she continues to show off her figure, while hitting back at those who call her “selfish”.

She said on The Netmums Podcast: “Be a bit selfish, or what we’re told is selfish, it’s selfish at all.

“It’s just that it’s been ingrained in women’s heads that looking after yourself a bit or having a bit of time for me is selfish, it’s not but if that’s how you do then be a bit more selfish!”

Carol also explained how she combats the ageist comments she gets for being open to wearing what she wants at 61.

She continued: “When I was 39, not my grandmother, not my mother, it was the 21st Century it was the year 2000, I went to the BAFTAs wearing a short dress, not a micro skirt, they made a Kilroy Show on the BBC and they flew in this dress in from Paris, it was an Ungaro dress, and the dress arrived and this huge debate in the studio was not is this a nice dress, but should a woman age 39 wear a dress above the knee!

“Oh the vitriol was incredible. I’ve always rebelled!”

Carol opened up about the same incident to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning in 2019.

She used the opportunity to reassure those her age to face up to ageism, and why she shows no plans of slowing down.

Citing an example, Carol said: “Most of my life, let’s be fair. Twenty years ago I wore a blue dress to the BAFTAs which was above the knee, I was 39. That became a massive story, programmes were made about it.

“Not about the dress, it became about should a woman aged 39 wear a dress above the knee? I was called mutton dressed as lamb.

“Would you call a 39-year-old today a mutton dressed as lamb because she wore a dress above the knee? Of course you wouldn’t! That’s just nonsense.

Carol continued: “The point about ageist remarks is that they belong to the last century.

“I get it all the time and has my attitude changed whatsoever? No! And is it going to change? No!”

Eamonn then asked Carol if she was ever hurt by any of the negative comments about her appearance.

She quipped: “No, never. What is age appropriate? Surely it’s about the spirit of somebody.”

In the podcast Carol also spoke about her son’s special needs and the lack of support for disadvantaged children.

Her son, Cameron King, 25, has high spectrum autism, ADD, dyslexia and ADHD, as she explained: “If a child has special educational needs, like my son did, he was off the scale dyslexic, he was in special school for about five years in the end.

“Sadly, there is not much support for them. Budgets have been cut by local authorities.

“Some people are waiting for years for that educational psychiatrist test. It’s not a good place at all at the moment. I can only see it getting worse right now. They end up being the forgotten ones sadly.”

You can listen to the full interview with Carol Vorderman on The Netmums Podcast following this link

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