Bye been fun! Rylan Clark transforms looks once again days before Strictly 2021 final

Strictly: Rylan's voice breaks at the end of It Takes Two

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Rylan Clark, 33, has taken to Twitter to share news that he has once again changed his looks ahead of the Strictly 2021 final. The host addressed fans with a short message indicating he had changed his hairstyle.

Rylan sent the post out to his 1.6 million followers with the news of his change.

Fans were quick to jump on the tweet and offer their thoughts about his decision.

The It Takes Two host said: “Bye blonde. Been fun.”

Followers then reacted to Rylan’s post and some weren’t happy about the change.

@Slinehan1 wrote: “Awwww I liked the blonde on you. You haven’t had it for long, didn’t you like it?”

@JosPearce quipped: “They don’t have more fun….just a bigger bill at the hairdressers.”

Others were happy about the reversion.

@Sarahsneyd72 penned: “ I love u but I didn’t like the blond sorry glad ur going back to the dark side x.” (sic)

Rylan also shared the process of hair change on Instagram.

The singer shared the transformation with his 1.5 million Instagram followers on his story.

The first story post from yesterday was a picture of Rylan with a comic filter as his features disappeared and only his face remained.

He jokingly commented: “That’s better.”

The next post was a photo of Rylan getting his brows done, with a caption reading “maintenance”.

He also shared a memory post by former Big Brother contestant Narinder Kaur.

Rylan recently demanded ‘justice’ for Nancy Xu as she was kicked from the competition.

The two spoke on It Takes Two about her experience on Strictly 2021.

Rylan began: “Guys, you have honestly been such a dream to watch,” addressing Rhys Stephenson and Nancy.

The 30-year-old choreographer was in tears while she wrapped her arms around her dance partner.

The host added: “I just want to say, on a personal level, you know how much we have wanted you to have a partner for so long.”

Rylan shouted out: “Justice for Nancy! That’s what we say!”

To which Rhys shortly followed: “Justice for Nancy!”

While the couple were visibly distraught, the TV presenter asked: “How important has this been for the pair of you?

“Nancy, you’ve been the biggest part of his journey.”

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