BTS Fans Can Live in Same House Band Used to Call Home, Thanks to Airbnb

BTS fans finally have their chance to live just like their favorite boy band … the house the K-Pop superstars once called home is now available for a once-in-a-lifetime overnight stay.

Airbnb is giving two lucky fans the chance to rest their heads in the same house the group lived in while filming season 2 of “BTS In The Soop” in PyeongChang, South Korea.

The homes got plenty of features to make sure none of BTS’ seven members ever got bored, and guests will be able to enjoy them as well … including an outdoor pool with a unicorn-shaped float, a basketball court, a karaoke machine, and sound system and all of BTS hit tracks and albums.

Guests won’t go hungry either … with catered dishes that have been BTS approved — including charcoal grilled Korean beef, which the boy band dubbed, “the best taste in the universe.”

Airbnb will offer the one-night stay in a raffle next month with entries at $7 a pop — in honor of the 7 members of the band.

Entries open up for booking on August 1st.

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