Bryan Kohberger Teen Job Eval – Good With Knives, Forbidden From Speaking To Customers??

OK, we’ll just preface by saying this is in no way evidence, but… it’s pretty weird.

True crime enthusiasts following the case of the University of Idaho murders already know suspect Bryan Kohberger had a pretty troubled past. But long before he was fired from his job as a Washington State University teaching assistant for being creepy and unprofessional, he was being creepy and unprofessional at a very different gig. One involving a knife…

A former boss of the accused killer has come forward to give his take on Kohberger. Charles Conklin is the owner of Big Brown Fish & Pay Lakes in Effort, Pennsylvania. He told People on Wednesday that Kohberger once worked for him for about four months in 2011. Kohberger is 28 years old now, so that would have made him about 16 at the time. This may even have been his first job — a “fish cutter.”

That’s exactly what it sounds like. Kohberger cut and fileted raw fish customers caught at the lakeside establishment; Conklin told the outlet he trained the teen to do the job himself. While he didn’t have anything negative to say about the kid’s knife skills, the entrepreneur says he had to make a rare accommodation for him. He could stay in the back and do his work cutting, as long as he never interacted with the customers! He was banned from talking to them at all due to his upsetting personality, Conklin explained:

“He never warmed up and got friendly. Most kids that work here, we consider like family.”

While he didn’t share any memories of specific incidents, he recalled:

“He was withdrawn and didn’t show improvement.”

Sounds familiar, actually. He apparently didn’t show any improvement in the decade between that job and his last one. While he was officially let go from his TA job for lack of professionalism, sources from his school revealed Kohberger didn’t just have a problem with professors. He had a problem with women.

He allegedly graded them more harshly and treated them disrespectfully. In addition, he creeped some out, with multiple sources even telling the New York Times that a girl complained he scared her by following her to her car. Disturbing stuff.

Kohberger was put on an improvement plan by the school, but he apparently failed to show improvement this time either, and he was let go just before Christmas break. Of course, he was never going to make it to the next semester anyway, as he was arrested for murder on December 30. But interesting to see how he was never able to figure out how to hide his… misogyny? Misanthropy? Even in all those years.

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