Brant Daugherty Excited to Become First Time Father

Pregnant with the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actor’s child, Kim Hidalgo recalls her struggles with morning sickness her ‘entire first trimester’ while they were in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

AceShowbiz -“Pretty Little Liars” star Brant Daugherty is preparing to take on a new role as a first-time father.

The actor and his wife, Kim Hidalgo, will welcome their first child next year (21) and the couple cannot wait for the next chapter of its lives.

“We’re at that point in our lives where we are ready and excited to be parents,” actress Kim tells “It’s something we both knew we wanted. It’s so special to start a family of our own,” she continues.

Brant goes on to say, “When we were first dating and thinking about being exclusive, we had a talk about what we wanted for the future. Marriage and kids were high on the list. It’s exciting to be at this point now, so far along in the plan.”

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Kim struggled with morning sickness her “entire first trimester”, making it difficult for her to stomach much food, and to top it all off, she and Brant even worked together on two films – in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis – before her belly started to pop.

“Every smell made me want to vomit, even the smell of toast. Plain crackers saved me,” she shares.

“We’ve shot two movies since I found out I was pregnant, which had us traveling and living out of hotels. It was nerve-wracking and challenging during the pandemic, but I’m grateful to have snuck in some work before I got too big to hide it.”

The couple wed in June, 2019.

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