Bradley Cooper Makes a Rare Social Media Appearance to Share a Last-Minute Voting PSA

It’s not often that we see Bradley Cooper on social media, but the actor and director has recorded a special video to encourage Pennsylvanians to vote. This is Cooper’s second voting PSA; his first video was released last month.

In the new video clip posted by Now This News, the A Star Is Born director begins, “Hello, I’m Bradley Cooper, and I’m very proud to be from Pennsylvania. I was born in Abington, I grew up in Montgomery County. And I care a lot about PA, and that’s why I need to share this extremely important message with you PA voters.”

Cooper then urgently explains, “Make sure to deliver your ballot in person before 8 p.m. on November 3rd.” He continues, “There is a strong chance that that ballot, if it’s delivered after 8 p.m. will not be counted on the third.”

Importantly, Cooper also tells viewers, “There is so much riding on this election. Human decency is riding on this election.”

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