Blueface Says Free Chrisean Rock After Shes Arrested for Beating Him Up

Seemingly downplaying his on-and-off girlfriend’s arrest following their latest altercation in Arizona, the ‘Thotiana’ rapper claims he can’t do anything to help her.

AceShowbizBlueface and Chrisean Rock‘s rocky relationship has led to an arrest. The “Baddies South” star has been arrested in Arizona after she got involved in a physical altercation with her rapper boyfriend in public.

In footage of the incident which surfaced on Sunday night, August 21, the on-and-off couple got into a heated debate at what looks like a club. Blueface was following his former artist, touching her shoulder several times, as she tried to walk away from him.

Chrisean was then taking a seat while Blueface continued talking to her face. He was seen touching her which seemed to provoke her. She was pushing his hand away before she got up and smacked the Los Angeles artist in the face several times.

It’s unclear who separated them and called the police, but Chrisean was later detained by police. A viral picture showed her hands in the back, seemingly in handcuffs, as an officer was standing next to her with a police car seen behind her.

Blueface has since taken to his Instagram Stories to address the incident. Seemingly downplaying the arrest, he shouted, “Free Rock!” He told his followers that it was “security [who] took her to police” and he wasn’t able to do anything to help her. “What can I do? She hit me with a banger on crib,” he added, before claiming that “she’ll be alright.”

Ironically, shortly before her arrest, Chrisean had been warned by her brother over her relationship with Blueface. “Chrisean I love you so much and over here hurting bout you,” the older sibling wrote on his Instagram Story. “I don’t say nothing, wasn’t going to until u introduced us in person cause the s**t he be doin on the internet to you. C’mon Chrisean, I grew up in and out of prison. I [wouldn’t mind] throwing all my freedom away forever for you.”

He went on questioning Blueface’s feeling for Chrisean as saying, “You my baby sister, u our baby sister, our father raised us to protect our sisters at all cost, u da youngest one. I know you love Blue, I jus wanna ask him do he love you? I can’t play bout u no more Chrisean, I’ll see y’all soon. U not no clown, u my princess, u our princess, and I’m proud of you too Sean.”

Meanwhile, Blueface’s mother responded to the post by urging Chrisean’s brother not to “throw his freedom away,” and instead encouraged the two to step into a boxing ring to work it out.

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