Billie Eilish Says This Is the Biggest Misconception About Her

Billie Eilish is opening up.

In a recent interview, the 19-year-old “Happier Than Ever” singer shared what the biggest misconception there is about her.

“Jesus. I mean, everything — literally everything. And I say that just because you just don’t know anyone unless you know them personally. That’s it,” Billie said on THR’s Awards Chatter podcast.

See what else she said inside…

“And I say that about me as a fan, as well, and me as a hater, as well. There are things I think are lame and I’m like, ‘Well, why? I don’t even know about this.’ You know what I mean?” Billie added.

She continued, “When you’re a fan of something or when you know a lot about something, you feel like you know it personally, and you just don’t. The things and people that I’m a really big fan of, I feel like I know them and I can run up and hug them, and I’ve always felt like that since I was a kid. And we have to remember that we are all strangers to everyone.”

“The internet has no clue who I am at all, literally has no clue. And I’ve learned this even more by meeting people that are other artists and being like, ‘Oh, I had no idea this was who you are,’ and that means that neither does the world, because everybody is a stranger always,” Billie said.

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