Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas haven’t been photographed together since the WaPo story

On the Fourth of July, The Washington Post’s Emily Yahr published an article in their Pop Culture section calling Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas “the pandemic’s only tabloid celebrities.” Since that article came out nearly a week ago, WaPo has had only three stories in that category and they’re more general entertainment news like Quibi’s failure and the fact that it took forever for classic Black sitcoms to go to streaming. The article had a positive spin, saying Ben and Ana are fun to watch and are a nice distraction. We know Ben pays attention to stories about him and it had to have stung that he was being slightly ribbed by WaPo.

We last saw Ben and Ana together looking at homes for sale in Venice on July 3rd. They used to get photographed walking their dogs together at least every other day for weeks. Since that article came out, and it’s been almost a week, Ben has only been photographed once, alone, walking his dog. That was in Venice yesterday so we know he was visiting Ana. So what happened? Did the WaPo article make Ben and/or Ana realize the optics? Did they make the decision to stop doing paparazzi photo ops and whose idea was that? They were getting on my nerves, but at the same time I miss them. It was fun to see Ana laughing at Ben like he was the funniest guy ever. I liked seeing her ridiculous outfits. She needs to wear a mask more, but that goes against her whole objective at being photographed. We may have Chris Evans and Lily James now, but they’re not going to fill that void.

There’s a whole side story we haven’t covered about Ana’s fan account, Ana de Armas Updates, getting blocked and then re-added by the official Knives Out twitter. The Knives out Twitter account has since unblocked Ana de Armas Updates and gave them some never-before-seen behind the scenes photos of Ana as a show of good faith. Paper Magazine has an interview with AJ, who runs Ana de Armas updates, and the Knives Out Twitter team that explains everything.

Ana herself of course blocked Ana de Armas updates after they wrote a funny and benign caption about her walk with Ben on Easter. She hasn’t unblocked them yet.

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