BBC presenter rushed for emergency surgery as she nearly loses sight

BBC presenter Lucy Owen has revealed that she was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery, after nearly losing her sight.

The 52-year-old presenter, who is often seen fronting BBC Wales Today, had to go for the emergency op after a routine trip to the opticians led to her being diagnosed with a detached retina – which can cause blindness in some cases if not treated correctly.

Taking to Twitter, Lucy posted a selfie as she sat in the car with an eye patch over one eye – seemingly on her way home from hospital.

She wrote: "Again I need to say a huge thank you to the #NHS. Going home after Mr Williams and the amazing team @CV_UHB stopped me losing sight in my eye with surgery for a detached retina."

Her followers rushed to offer their well-wishes in the comments on the post, as one wrote: "Must have been very painful. Hope all is well. Very lucky; my Mum lost her sight in one eye due to detached retina and it sadly changed her life. I miss her everyday."

Another said: "Well done you too. Regular check ups with ones optician are so important," whilst a third commented: "Wow that’s a shock glad you are on the mend take it easy."

A fourth wrote: "Oh my God poor you. So sorry to hear this, hope your get better very soon,and thinking of you.all my love to you Lucy."

Lucy then posted an update to Twitter as she laid on the sofa, as she jokingly held a box of chocolates over the affected eye and cuddled her dog, whilst a huge bunch of flowers stood on the table next to her.

She wrote: "Thanks so much for your lovely messages, so kind of you. Having to lie on my side for a week and won’t get my vision back for a few months – tricky for autocue!

"But look what I had from my wonderful Wales Today colleagues. So lucky work with such gorgeous people."

Her fans were pleased to see she was on the mend, as they commented on the post.

One said: “Aaw Lucy – that’s really grim I’m so sorry you have to put up with this. Audiobooks are likely to be your best friend over coming days and weeks! Wishing you a good recovery xx.”

Another said: “I had the same Lucy. Very scary, but full recovery. I sent you a DM. Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

A third commented: “Hope you’re better soon Lucy, take your time and rest. The nation and myself wish you all the very best. We hope to see you back soon brightening up the screen.”

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