BBC Breakfast hosts called out by Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh opens up about Sarah Harding on Morning Live

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BBC Morning Live presenter Kimberley Walsh, 40, cheekily called out her BBC Breakfast colleagues for secretly “watching her” and fellow co-stars in an exclusive interview with The star joked that she sometimes felt she was “on Big Brother” when it was revealed to her that the early morning hosts had been watching her from behind the scenes.

Kimberley, 40, first landed her major presenting role on the BBC’s Morning Live in November, 2021.

The star joins Gethin Jones on the show, which airs just after BBC Breakfast finishes on BBC One.

The former Girls Aloud star shared a rare insight into the handover between the two teams as she reflected on their cheeky behaviour after their show ended.

Asked if the Morning Live crew has much interaction with the BBC Breakfast team, Kimberley confirmed: “We do. It’s always quite fun actually.

“You never know what you’re going to get with them,” she added with a laugh.

“Sometimes they’re watching us and we don’t even realise, so before they’re linked to us, they’ve actually got a live feed.

“And so it’s like Big Brother! They’re watching us for a while and god knows what we’re doing.

“But yeah, it’s nice actually. They’re such a lovely team, so it’s nice to have a lot of chat with them when we crossover.”

While Kimberley was very complimentary of Sally Nugent and her team, she admitted they hadn’t had the chance to meet in person yet.

“It’s weird when you speak to them all the time via video link but you don’t actually see them in person!” she mused.

Morning Live has been filming from BBC Studios in Manchester since the beginning of this year, while BBC Breakfast moved up North in 2012.

Asked who she’s closest to on the show, Kimberley replied: “I’m probably closest to Gethin because we work together so closely when we’re presenting.

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“He’s such a lovely guy. He’s just one of the good ones and he always just wants to try and help and make everybody on the show do as good a job as they possibly can.

“And there’s loads of people out there like him that just want to help everyone, you know?

“Sometimes with presenters, it can be all about them and making themselves look good, but he always wants to help everybody else. He’s a good guy.”

“Gethin’s amazing and I feel like he’s taken me under his wing. He’s teaching me and passing on all these presenting tips. It’s been going very well,” she gushed.

Apart from spending her time chatting to guests on Morning Live, Kimberley has also joined up with the Wickes Community Programme, which will help transform a community in need.

The DIY enthusiast teamed up with home improvement retailer Wickes to launch the competition (now closed) which has given one community organisation the chance to win £10,000.

Wickes launched the initiative after research revealed half of Brits claim a renewed Community Space would improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Kimberley has joined forces with home improvement retailer Wickes to launch the Wickes Community Programme Competition, offering a community organisation the chance to win £10,000. Entries for the competition are now closed. 

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