‘Basketball Wives’ Star OG Allegedly Expecting Child – Get the Details

According to a source close to her and Kwame Alexander, the Nigerian beauty is so happy when she learns news of her pregnancy that she decides to sacrifice her career.

AceShowbizOG is about to become a mother. If a new report from MTO News is to be believed, the “Basketball Wives” star is currently expecting a child with her boyfriend Kwame Alexander, and both of them are allegedly “ecstatic” about this news.

According to a source close to the couple, OG was so happy when she learned of her pregnancy that she decided to sacrifice her career. “When OG found out she was pregnant, she retired from [lingerie] football,” so the insider claimed, adding that the VH1 star planned to break the happy during the taping of “Basketball Wives” reunion.

“OG was saving the news for the reunion, so that it makes a big splash,” the source went on saying. The gossip site further pointed out that the reality TV star had apparently shown her baby bump in the latest episode of the show.

It remains unknown whether or not the rumors are true. OG has yet to respond.

Should the rumors be true, it’s surely a good news for the Nigerian beauty as she previously expressed her wish to have children with Kwame. “Right now, we’re dealing with a lot of people who either are already married or have been divorced. I still have a lot more to give,” she said. “I haven’t had a child yet. I’ve never been married. Kwame’s never been married. He’s never had a child.”

Talking about her relationship with the basketball player, OG continued, “For me, I saw a growth in the show, I saw a platform that was there that was offered to me, and, in my opinion, it’s, it’s kind of now was the perfect moment to give people something different. Which is what people want to see, and hopefully we can take the girls to a game and they see it again.”

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