Are Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers Really Friends or Is It Just for Show?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers are two of the best signal callers in the NFL today.

The athletes have appeared in State Farm commercials together and in one say that they are “friends.” Now fans are asking if that’s a fact or just for the insurance ad.

What Mahomes and Rodgers thought about working together for State Farm

Rodgers has been featured in those funny State Farm commercials for years and in 2019, Mahomes joined him. The Chiefs star stated that he always enjoyed those commercials.

“I’m pumped to be working with State Farm and Aaron,” Mahomes told KMBC. “I’ve been a big fan of their ads for years, so it’s really exciting to be joining the team.”

Rodgers spoke about having his fellow quarterback in the ads with him.

“I’ve been involved in a few different campaigns over the years with State Farm, but this latest, is one of my favorites,” he said at the time. “It’s been fun to see how these ‘agents’ of mine try and outdo each other, and having Patrick making a few cameos will be a nice surprise for the fans.”

Are they really ‘Mahomies’?

One of the ads they did together for the insurance company in 2020 shows them discussing who has the best rates over a meal while Mahomes puts ketchup on his steak.

Another fan favorite is one with Rodgers’ “agent” Gabe Gabriel bringing in Mahomes. In that ad, Gabriel tells Rodgers “the tables have turned” after introducing his new “Mahomie.” He then discovers that Rodgers and Mahomes are “friends.”

For everyone wondering if the starting quarterbacks do have a friendship the answer is yes. Mahomes even spoke about that when he was asked if he ever called Rodgers for advice when facing NFC opponents.

“I haven’t even thought about that. I might need to,” Mahomes said jokingly (per USA Today Sports). “I do have a relationship where I can talk to him and text him and do stuff like that, but I’ll probably just focus on what we do here and what coach [Andy] Reid gameplans.”

They have more in common than State Farm ads and the NFL

The two also have some things in common besides their day jobs and State Farm commercials.

According to, one of those things is that they both played baseball and were pitchers before reaching the NFL. Rodgers has previously said that he sees his younger self in Kansas City Chiefs superstar and had praised Mahomes on many occasions.  

“I love my buddy and State Farm ally Pat Mahomes,” the Packers signal caller said in an interview with The Ringer via “Just the way he plays really reminds me of myself and I say that with the utmost amount of respect and humility just because I love watching him play because he runs around, he makes throws all over the place, he no-look passes and he does it with enough balance between swagger and humility.”

Like a good neighbor, these two are there to support one another.

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