Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox Buy Majority Stake in Smosh From Rhett & Link: Classic Smosh is Back!

Smosh is back!

Well, the popular comedy YouTube brand hasn’t really gone anywhere and has continued to live on, but original creators Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are returning, and with a majority ownership in the brand they started over 20 years ago.

They guys announced the exciting news on Tuesday (June 20) that they bought out their majority from fellow YouTubers Rhett & Link‘s Mythical Entertainment, Variety first reported.

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If you didn’t know, Anthony left Smosh back in 2017, while Ian stayed on. When their parent company Defy Media went under, Mythical picked it up. But now, the Smosh duo is back and returning with new weekly videos!

“By the time Anthony left Smosh, our friendship was not really that good,” Ian shared with Variety, adding that after reconnecting in 2022, they “really hit it off… It’s kind of freaky how well this has all fallen into place. Our friendship had to end to be able to come back together.”

In a new YouTube video together, the guys dished on their reunion and upcoming comeback.

“We realized that the sketches that we made weren’t just great because they were products of the times, I wasn’t just being blinded by the nostalgia when I’d go back to get a laugh at the old videos, they were a reflection of the magic that we felt when we were making something together,” Anthony said.

“What you can expect on this channel is sketch comedy written by and starring Anthony and myself,” Ian added, with Anthony reiterating, “Classic Smosh is back!”

As for the other Smosh channels, Smosh Pit and Smosh Games, those “are staying the same, same content, same people, no worries about [those].”

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