Alyssa Milano slams Republicans and Democrats: ‘Both parties have failed us’ on gun control

Alyssa Milano is slamming both political parties over their lack of action on gun control.

The actress and activist, 46, voiced her concerns in an essay published on Refinery29 Wednesday titled “The Lockdown Generation: 20 Years of Failed American Leadership on Guns.”

In the essay, she is not only direct in calling out President Trump — calling him a “white supremacist” — but also in calling out both Republicans and Democrats.

“Yes, Democrats are better on this issue. But they’ve been in power, too. Where are the results? Where is an assault weapons ban? Where is a magazine capacity ban?” she writes. “Both parties have failed us on this issue.”

She backed up her stance with examples from shootings in the past, including the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

“In 2012 when a young white man killed 20 babies and six of their teachers, both parties failed. Democrats and Republicans together in the Senate killed both an assault weapons ban and a universal background check law,” she wrote.

She ended her passionate piece with a call to action to what she calls the “Lockdown Generation.”

“Our government refuses to act to save our lives. So we have to. Call your members of Congress and demand they impeach and convict Donald Trump,” she writes. “If you’re angry, you should be. Our government spent two decades letting it get this bad. It’s going to take direct, sustained action to fix it.”

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