Alex Morgan Says Criticism Over Tea Sipping is Proof of Double Standard

USA soccer star Alex Morgan is upset that people are upset with her for daring to be brash after her team defeated England in the World Cup and she pretended to sip a cup of tea.

Moran just said, “I feel that there is some sort of double standard for females in sports,” adding, “to feel like we have to be humble in our successes and have to celebrate, but not too much or in a limited fashion. You see men celebrating all over the world in big tournaments, grabbing their sacks or whatever it is. And when I look at sipping a cup of tea, I am a little taken aback by the criticism.” 

Alex went on to say her gesture was in part an homage to “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner, who famously offers opinions on Instagram stories and ends with the phrase, “And that’s the tea” as she sips from a cup.

The women’s team — which can we say is awesome — is famous for their play and their after-play, notably Megan Rapinoe’s comments that she’s not at all interested in treking to The White House to visit Donald Trump. 

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